Hazelchilds wiccan wanderings

Last night I spent 3 hours copying things into my BOS (Book of shadows) I got a bit lazy and also discovered how dreadful I was at drawing symbols, I have to admit since last year I have got extremely lazy at doing study. Magick cant be discovered over night, as appealing as that is. Its study, study, study, read, study, study and I think study. lol. But thank the Goddess she has reminded me of my “priorties” and I have got back studying. Yawn I am extremely tired recently I know any minute a new soul is going to be reborn as my littles sisters child and I will be aunty to five child, always an aunty never a mum lol.

Never mind, maybe I will find a women that will be brave enough to eventually go in for the adoption. Goddess speed me that ideal women, I no longer use magick to bring me on as it always goes dreadful

anyway gonna go to bed soon




I have to confess that I am a massive Stonewylde fan, I read them regularly. I cant wait until Shadows at stonewylde.

Stonewylde is the only decent pagan fiction work I have ever read apart from part one of Lady of Avalon (Noooooo way am I implying its better) I thank the goddess that Kit had the joy to extend it.

I have read all three most recently and noticed things that need answering including Magus and Clip’s “brother”  you know who it is yes its soo obvious especially in the second to last chapter in Soltice at stonewylde.

Its gauranteed to stir you up, even if your not a pagan.

I had to admit that I cringed a hell of lot when Magus made his move on sylvie. I mean come on he put down all these rules anyway yeah. I am glad he is dead………….

but theres meant to be more competition then other after this I mean the three crones are still around as kit mentioned in her Pagan Dawn Interview (Beltane Edition)

To know your path is to accept that sometimes it can be misguided


My name is Rostaria B Orion, I have been a follower of the wiccan path for over 7 years, I find it an honour to walk this path, I sometimes feel its the goddess that is guiding me.

I have had my joys and sorrows, my happiness and pain, Magick isnt the answer to everything as I have quickly learnt

For example:

I did a spell to manifest the ideal partner my way one of them was for them to be a challenge; oh boy was it a challenge she ended up with a  boyfriend and four kids, she was a dark maiden (thats not to imply she practised dark Magick because she didnt. (or at least she never told me)

The BIG mistake was asking for the challenge, you really have to becareful what you ask for because it could come true!

Magick is a very deftly attunement, you have to be extremely precise by what you say and what your intention is! Always becarfulwhat you ask for.

I dont know about you (I am only 20) but this love game is a nightmare, the goddess aphrodity must be looking down at us and laughing lol


also happy Easter, to anyone who celebrates it

I dont its not my path its not my choice




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