Hazelchilds wiccan wanderings

Study and relationships

Posted on: April 11, 2009

Last night I spent 3 hours copying things into my BOS (Book of shadows) I got a bit lazy and also discovered how dreadful I was at drawing symbols, I have to admit since last year I have got extremely lazy at doing study. Magick cant be discovered over night, as appealing as that is. Its study, study, study, read, study, study and I think study. lol. But thank the Goddess she has reminded me of my “priorties” and I have got back studying. Yawn I am extremely tired recently I know any minute a new soul is going to be reborn as my littles sisters child and I will be aunty to five child, always an aunty never a mum lol.

Never mind, maybe I will find a women that will be brave enough to eventually go in for the adoption. Goddess speed me that ideal women, I no longer use magick to bring me on as it always goes dreadful

anyway gonna go to bed soon




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