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bigging up stonewylde (warning spoilers)

Posted on: April 10, 2009

I have to confess that I am a massive Stonewylde fan, I read them regularly. I cant wait until Shadows at stonewylde.

Stonewylde is the only decent pagan fiction work I have ever read apart from part one of Lady of Avalon (Noooooo way am I implying its better) I thank the goddess that Kit had the joy to extend it.

I have read all three most recently and noticed things that need answering including Magus and Clip’s “brother”  you know who it is yes its soo obvious especially in the second to last chapter in Soltice at stonewylde.

Its gauranteed to stir you up, even if your not a pagan.

I had to admit that I cringed a hell of lot when Magus made his move on sylvie. I mean come on he put down all these rules anyway yeah. I am glad he is dead………….

but theres meant to be more competition then other after this I mean the three crones are still around as kit mentioned in her Pagan Dawn Interview (Beltane Edition)


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